Personal Ministries

Welcome to Community Praise Center Personal Ministries

Hank Branch

On behalf of the Personal Ministries team our prayer we want to thank you for your visit, and extend our greetings to you. May His grace and the blessings of our Savior be with you daily.  Be filled with the Holy Spirit, for He shall lead you to all truth (John 16:13).
• Be filled with love in the name of Jesus Christ--Luke 10:27
• Be filled with His joy, 2 Corinthians 2:3
• Be filled with Hope, Psalm 39:7
• Be filled with Mercy, Psalm 136:3-5

The Personal ministry’s team is excited that by God’s grace his word can be shared worldwide!   Whether you live in the DC Metro area, attend CPC, or are visiting from further away, we'd like to let you know that Personal ministry will offer something for everyone. 

We're here to serve God, do His will by presenting an online edition of Personal Ministry.  If you have any questions or suggestions, just shoot me an email (  We are here to be of service to you! 

Our mission is Soul Winning.  Reaching and Winning For Jesus

Wishing you the best.  Hank Branch